Supplier for Custom Interior Construction

Legit Forum is a holding structure consisting of 16 independent operating companies. Its activities are all centred around building interiors. More specifically: on the businesses and people who design, manufacture, and install custom interiors.

Buildings are used for a variety of purposes; either for business or private use: leisure, residential, work, hospitality, care, et cetera. Every purpose requires specific characteristics and aesthetics when it comes to matters of interior design. Legit Forum offers a wide range of products and services for all these applications to find the perfect solutions

Legit Forum has been a family business since its founding and aims to remain a family business. The organisation is characterised by its close engagement with employees, customers, and suppliers. Paramount is our philosophy of ‘maintaining lasting relationships that add value’. The organisation has been designed to maintain full control of all primary business processes as well as the most important secondary ones. This means we have complete ownership and control over products, processes, and service, resulting in a high level of continuity.

The various disciplines that are present within the Legit Forum group are subdivided into the following 5 formulas: