Legit Forum


Legit Forum is a Latin phrase meaning, ‘Read the market’. It was founded in 1990 by Hans Sluijs and René Straver and its main activity was buying and selling decorative and constructive boards for interior applications. The first branch was Iboma in Lopik, which was followed by several others.

Legit Forum closely monitors market developments, and wherever new trends and demands arise, Legit Forum develops its products accordingly. As a result, the portfolio of businesses has been expanded since the founding, including with:

  • Technical advice and the sale of custom acoustic interior solutions
  • Wholesale of high-quality veneer and solid wood materials
  • Renting out of interior walls and floor panels for temporary indoor spaces
  • Production and wholesale of custom interior panels and utility doors
  • Multiple stock-keeping logistical distribution centres specialised in sheet materials and small parts