Custom Solutions

Acoustic Sheet Materials

Interior acoustics

Matude is a wholesaler specialised in interior acoustics and offers acoustic advice as well as acoustic sheet materials. Based on a technical measurement of acoustic performance in an existing or yet to be developed interior space, they offer bespoke advice on how to achieve an acoustic and pleasant climate. The right acoustically absorbing material with the desired aesthetic appeal can then be delivered from stock or according to specification.


12 Dec. 2017

Matude B.V Montfoort

Custom Solutions

Interior Doors for Utility Construction

Quality doors for utility construction

Waardenborg B.V. is a specialised supplier of high-end interior doors. With a wide selection of options, they offer custom comprehensive solutions consisting of a frame, interior door, and locks and hinges. These solutions are available with various functionalities, such as: soundproofing and fire resistance performance. It’s also possible to supply separate custom interior doors.

From its own manufacturing facility, Waardenborg offers a select programme of doors that can be supplied quickly. This makes Waardenborg a stable and reliable partner for both small and large series of interior doors, with delivery times starting at ten working days.


19 Dec. 2000 (22 Mar. 1996)

Custom Solutions

Custom Interior Panels

Supplier of custom interior panels

Oldevuuren is a supplier of custom interior panels for every phase of the interior construction production process. In accordance with specifications, Oldevuuren supplies available sheet materials combined with any processing required to create custom panels. In order to streamline the order process for custom materials as much as possible, Oldevuuren has developed an online configurator tool that enables users to quickly get quotes and place orders. Oldevuuren works with regular partners that use state-of-the-art and proven techniques, resulting in high-quality end products with stable delivery times.


15 Dec. 2015