Decorative boards

Specialist in Decorative boards

The trade of decorative and constructive sheet materials throughout the Netherlands takes place from our six branches. These wholesalers offer a range of modern sheet materials for interior applications in a rapidly changing and trend-sensitive market. A carefully composed stock programme ensures that most of the materials are in stock. Additionally, they offer a variety of décors and structures, and various functions for a broad range of applications.

In showrooms, clients as well as architects and interior builders can see and touch the materials using collection brochures and sample services to choose the right material for them. Expert consultants can support you during the materialisation process to select an materials that offers the desired quality as well as aesthetics.


3 Sep. 1990

Den Bosch

6 Mar. 1998


26 Jun. 2002


7 Sep. 2004


22 Feb. 2008


16 Feb. 2021


Interior Construction Supplies

Supplier of interior construction supplies

Dekoriet International is a service-oriented wholesaler selling interior construction supplies in the Netherlands. Dekoriet supplies the interior construction industry with a range consisting of two types of products. These are: furniture components with aesthetic value, such as: kitchen sinks, water taps, and table frames. And workshop supplies such as: edgebanding, furniture fittings and adhesives. Dekoriet delivers from its own warehouse in Nieuwegein, which means it controls the entire operational process.


22 Dec. 2010


Solid Wood and Veneer

Modern wood trader for interior use

Van Laere hout is a modern and expert wood trader selling veneered boards and solid wood materials. From stock, Van Laere hout offers a wide range of wood types processed into common solid-, planed- and veneered boards. These in-stock products are stored in conditioned warehouses and can be delivered anywhere in the Netherlands within just a few working days. Van Laere hout also provides expert advice to clients, architects and interior builders and the option to compose the products as they wish and deliver to supply.


9 Jan. 2009